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You can reach the Care Area staff between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday at (352) 294-2273 or visit us at Yon Hall 4th Floor. The Care Area staff is here to provide assistance and help for your upcoming appointment needs.

What to expect at your Appointment

The Care Area is a support service which seeks to work collaboratively with students and the university to support individuals who are experiencing some measure of distress in their lives.

Our goals include:

  • Assess the factors contributing to the concerns of a student, family member, or administrator
  • Collaborate with the student to create and implement a plan that allows for increased perspective, growth and a return to a level of functioning most likely to promote success
  • Serve as a connector to other helping resources on and off campus

Maximize your Appointment

Maximize your progress by being an active participant as you work with your Care Area staff member

  • Clarify your goals before your appointment— write down your thoughts ahead of time, be specific, and prioritize your concerns
  • Arrive on time and try not to miss your scheduled appointment(s) — this maximizes the time you have with your Care Area staff member
  • Be descriptive about your concerns— this helps your Care Area staff member more fully understand your concerns
  • Follow through on suggested tasks from your Care Area staff member