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Campus Assistance & Resources for Empowerment

Campus Assistance & Resources for Empowerment (CARE) provides connection, support and guidance for students as they navigate anticipated transitions and unexpected events.

  • Case Management Services

    Derive success plans and provide ongoing support for students in distress dealing with a variety of issues. Learn more

  • Medical Petitions and Medical Withdrawal

    Help students complete the necessary medical petition for all courses or medical drops before or after the drop deadline for a medical withdrawal. Learn more

  • Instructor Notification

    Assists students who have or will miss class due to extenuating circumstances and facilitates communication and coordination with faculty and student to resolve absence(s) or outstanding coursework. Learn more

  • Collegiate Veterans Success Center

    Serves student veterans at UF by providing a designated location on campus for student veterans to study, meet with on and off campus resources, and to spend time with and support each other in a fun and relaxing space. Learn more

  • Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry

    Assists members of our campus community who experience food insecurity and difficulty meeting other basic needs. Learn more