Contact My Instructor

In the event that a student has missed or will miss classes for a medically-related reason, a member of the Care Team can reach out to the student’s instructors to inform them of the student’s absence. In order for letters to be sent out, the Care Team must first verify the situation via documentation, or confirmation from a parent or guardian.

Examples of documentation include, but are not limited to, a doctor’s note from a physician, a medical report from the hospital, or a death certificate.

Please keep in mind that instructor notifications are not an excuse to miss class; they are provided on the student’s behalf to explain the circumstances surrounding an absence and to request that the instructor work with the student to complete missed course work when appropriate. Professors have the right to accept or reject the notification.

To submit an instructor notification request, please click the link below. If digital documentation is not available, you may also submit paper documents in person at 302 Peabody Hall or call 352-294-2273.

Questions? Please call the Care Team at 352-294-2273 or email