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The Instructor Notification process was created to assist students who have or will miss class due to extenuating circumstances (for examples see below). The Instructor Notification provides documentation from our office for students to share with their instructor(s).

Instructor Notifications are not an official excuse; they are provided on the student’s behalf to explain the circumstances surrounding an absence and to request that the instructor work with the student to complete missed coursework when appropriate.

After reviewing the steps below please use the button at the bottom of the page to submit your request.

Steps to initiating an Instructor Notification:

1.) Conversation with Instructor


    Prior to submitting an Instructor Notification, please speak with your instructor regarding your absence and any accommodation requests. Instructors may ask for additional documentation or direct you to proceed with the Instructor Notification process through Campus Assistance and Resources for Empowerment (CARE) within the Dean of Students Office.

2. Submit the Instructor Notification form


    Provide documentation regarding the following:
    1. i. Death of a family member (obituary, funeral service program, death cert.)
    1. ii. Death of a friend (obituary, funeral service program, death cert.)
    1. iii. Emergency (police report, documentation from medical provider)
    1. iv. Family Emergency (police report, hospital documentation)
    1. v. Hospitalization – Psychological (hospital documentation)
    1. vi. Hospitalization – Physical (hospital documentation)
    1. vii. Medical Emergency/Illness (documentation from medical provider)
    1. viii. Significant Weather (insurance documentation, repair documentation)

3.) Returning to class


    Consult with your instructor(s) to discuss your class absence and accommodation requests.


    Obtain class notes from the classes you have missed from instructors and/or classmates
Please note:
  • Instructors have the right to accept or reject the Instructor Notification from our office.
  • Students are required to submit documentation prior to the initiation of an Instructor Notification. If documentation is not submitted the Instructor Notification Request will not be processed.
  • Once your instructor notification request is processed you will receive an instructor notification letter that you will need to share with your instructors.
  • If you have further concerns, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call our office to speak with a staff member from CARE at 352-294-2273.

Students do not need an Instructor Notification from Campus Assistance and Resources for Empowerment (CARE) within the Dean of Students Office if:

  • The absence was a disability-related absence that is a part of your already established Disability Resource Center accommodations.
  • The absence is the result of a University of Florida sponsored event: music performance, athletic competition, etc.
  • The absence is a military obligation.
  • Religious holiday observance.
  • Scholarly activity.

For more information about the University of Florida’s Absence Policy, please visit: