Case Management Services

Case Management Services (CMS) is an area within Campus Assistance and Resources for Empowerment (CARE). Case Management Services staff serve as non-clinical case managers who provide support to students experiencing anticipated challenges and unexpected events that impact wellness or academic success. Case managers connect with students through personalized outreach following self-report or referrals from campus community members. Case managers strive to empower students to make decisions or enact change through the utilization of provided campus and community resources. Case managers do not provide therapy or treatment, but can connect students to on- or off-campus mental health providers as needed.

Things We Do

Support & guidance

Case Managers in CMS provide support to students in distress who are dealing with a variety of issues. CMS staff collaborate with students to develop success plans to address their needs or concerns. We empower students to utilize available resources and enhance self-advocacy. Our staff also provide consultation and support to faculty and staff.

Instructor Notifications

Case Managers in CMS assist students who have been impacted by extenuating circumstances or unforeseen events. In doing so, case managers process students’ requests for Instructor Notifications – a documentation process used to verify a student’s experience and facilitate communication with the student’s instructor(s). Learn More

Medical Petitions Assistance

Case Management Services and Medical Petitions staff work together to help students complete the necessary medical petition documentation. Our staff provide students and their families with information about the petition process and assistance with medical petition portal issues. Learn More