Medical Petition Criteria

Students must have documentation that confirms the following:
  • Student experienced significant medical-related disruption during the semester for which the student is petitioning
  • The disruption was unforeseen or there was a significant change in, or exacerbation of, the event which was unforeseen and/or that the event impacted the semester in questioning, resulting in impacted academic performance and the impact was unforeseen
  • The disruptive event resulted in a significant impact on the student’s academic performance during the semester in question
Retroactive medical withdrawals or drops must establish either:
  • The student was unable to drop/withdraw prior to the drop/withdraw deadline and/or
  • The medical-related disruption that impacted the student’s academic performance occurred after the drop/withdraw deadline
Selective medical petitions must demonstrate:
  • How and why the disruption impacted the student’s academic performance in specific courses and not all courses
Examples of significant medical-related disruptions:
  • Accident/Injury
  • Death of Immediate Family Member: Parent, Sibling, Grandparent, Spouse, Child.
  • Physical Illness
  • Mental Health Condition